Murray C. Haines shown here in a photograph from 1992, was an avid cricketer. Early in life, Murray was a distinguished cricketer at Haverford as a useful, medium-paced, right-arm bowler, a good lower-medium-order bat and as an outstanding gully and first slip in the field. He toured Canada with the College XI in 1923 and England in 1925 on one of the most famous Haverford teams to play against the leading English Public Schools. In 1924 he represented The Gentlemen of Philadelphia against The Incogniti at St Martin’s, the home of the Philadelphia Cricket Club. Throughout his career he found the time to be an active organizer and player, also serving as Secretary and President of the Fairmount Cricket Club. In later life, Murray became well known around the world for his work as curator at the cricket library from 1969 to just prior to his death in 1994. He worked tirelessly to assist anyone interested in American cricket access the collection, find the right photos and check the facts. Murray wrote prolifically to his many friends about cricket in Philadelphia and around the US. It is always easy to pick out a cricket article prepared with his assistance. His many friends from his early playing days almost jump off the page.