A large part of the C.C. Morris collection consists of pictures, bats, trophies, ties, blazers and numerous small items of historical significance. If you are interested in a particular American player or club, we will try to locate the appropriate records, pictures, etc. As this site grows in the near future, it is our intention to place photographs of the blazer and tie collection online.

Over the past few years, the C.C. Morris Library has been adding video tapes of international matches and anthologies of the better players. Americans, both players and spectators, rarely have the opportunity to see world class cricket. The tapes have allowed us to bring the highest level of cricket into our library and members homes. Members may borrow the tapes in person or through the mail

Not all the Cricket literature from Haverford’s past is in the C.C. Morris Library. Some historical records and score books of the early club teams at the college are in the library’s rare book collection, primarily for special handling to preserve the fragile paper.

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The CC Morris Cricket Library is currently cataloging and photographing our entire collection. Hours of Operation will from time to time be different.

If you are planning a visit please email or call +1.610.896.1162 to confirm when the Library will be open.

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