Henry Scattergood was a world-class wicket keeper. Converted from a baseball catcher to wicket keeper while at Haverford College, he went on to be Philadelphia’s premiere man behind the stumps. The English cricketer Jesop said “The wicket-keeping of Scattergood was every bit as remarkable as was the bowling of Bart King.” Also, a bright spot in his career was batting at Lords in 1896 during the first Haverford tour, when he sent every ball of Maude’s to the boundary to the wild delight of friend and foe. Lester wrote of Henry “…Scattergood’s services to cricket extended far beyond his play. Always a defender of the faith, and one of those who strove hardest to stem the decline, he is still an influence in keeping it alive.”

Biographic information on Joseph Henry Scattergood
Information from the Haverford College Biographical Catalog of 1922

Entered 1892

Member of Football Team, 2 years. Treasurer, Tennis Association, Sophomore year; President of same Junior year; Member, First Cricket Eleven, 2 years; winner of Haines Fielding Belt; Business Manager of Haverfordian, 1894-95; General Honors at Graduation; Honors in Mathematics; Secreatary and Treasurer of Class; President of Y.M.C.A. Member of Cricket Team, First Tour to England, 1896; Phi Beta Kappa; Founders’ Club. Student at Harvard University, 1896-97. American Pulley Company, Philadelphia, PA, 1897-99; Director since 1916; Sharpless Dyewood Extract Company, Philadelphia, PA 1900-04; Secretary, American Dyewood Company, 1904-06; Director to date; Director, United Dyewood Corporation, 1912 to date; President, Union Insurance Company and Insurance Company of State of Pennsylvania, 1908-11, when companies were combined with Spring Garden Insurance Company; Vice-President and Secretary, American Water Softener Company, Philadelphia, PA, 1907 to date; President, Kent Building Company, Brooklyn, NY, 1907-20, Trustee of sundry estates, 1907 to date; Registration Commissioner for Philadelphia, 1906-12, Member of First American Red Cross Commission to France, 1917, and Organizer of American Friends’ Bureau of American Red Cross in France, 1917; Treasurer of Christianburg School, VA, 1900 to date; Treasurer of Pennsylvania Working House for Blind Men, Philadelphia, 1914 to date; Treasurer of Haverford College Corporation, 1916 to date; Director of Bureau of Municipal Research, Philadelphia, Executive Committee of Committee of Seventy, of Philadelphia; Director, Philadelphia Y.M.C.A.; Manager, Pennsylvania Training School, Elwyn, PA. Author, various articles for “Appalachia”; “Report for Congress on French Spoliation Claims”; Co-Editor, with William Allen White and Rev. John A. Ryan, “Russian-American Relations, 1917-20.” Member and Governor, Merion Cricket Club; Member of University Club, City Club, Down Town Club, Harvard Club, all of Philadelphia; Cosmos Club Washington, DC; Pennsylvania Historical Society; Academy of Natural Sciences; American Alpine Club; Geographical Society of Pennsylvania.

b. Philadelphia, PA, January 26, 1877. s. Thomas Scattergood and Sarah Garrett. m. Villa Nova, PA, 1906 Anne Theodora Morris. c. Mary Morris, Thomas, Alfred G., 2nd, Ellen Morris, Evelyn.