Over the past few years, one of the most common items offered to the collection has been ties associated with cricket teams and special cricket events. As the number of ties have increased, so has the complexity of cataloging and displaying. Over time, we hope to add all the ties to this page.

Here our ties are presented in groups of three and are numbered within groups from left to right. If the tie has been identified, that information along with the donor and location ] will be noted. If the tie has special detailed stitching–and most do have elaborate detail–there is an enlargement of the section of the tie with the detail.


Tie 3.1: Haverford West Cricket Club
donated by: Merrill H.J. Roth
(November 1993)

Tie 3.2: Barbados Cricket Association 1992 Trophy Tie
donated by: Bill Edwards, Barbados
Label: “Bill Edwards Country Sports Shop near St. Helens Ground Swansea”

Tie 3.3: Melbourne Cricket Grounds (MCG)
donated by: Melbourne Cricket Club, when Merrill Roth visited Australia
(27 June 1993)